In his 4-week online course, we focus on families of teenagers!

While children aged 0 to 9 are focused on building life skills and home skills,  when they are tweeners, or aged 9 to 13, they are focused on building their social skills. It is when they reach adolescence, aged 14 to 18, that they plug back into the family life and begin identifying values.

Can’t attend live? No problem!  Video playback is available for viewing at your convenience. As a participant of this online course, you will have access to me and other participants via a private Facebook group that I monitor daily.

Raising Teens Schedule.

So often, parents share how confusing and disheartening it is when the relationship with your child changes as their kids hit the tween years. Believe it or not, this is normal and once we have a clear understanding of what’s happening for our teens, we are in a position to not only maintain the relationship we have with them, but deepen it. How do we do that? By understanding brain and emotional development and meeting our tweens where they are. During this first class, we will be exploring what life is like for our teens and preparing ourselves to make some subtle but powerful changes in the ways we communicate, create agreements and maintain our position as leaders in the family. 30 minutes will be dedicated to answering questions and addressing specific challenges that are coming up between you and your tween/teen.

What worked with our school aged children, doesn’t generally work with our new, more independent and self-assured tweens and teens. Setting clear boundaries, following through, creating agreements and opening up new dialogue can empower teens to take on more responsibility for their choices, behaviors, attitudes and actions. Mistakes will be made (by both parents and teens), but working together is possible when there is a clear parenting plan that includes realistic expectations and a deep understanding of how difficult the teen years can be. Most surprising to parents is the fact that the majority of teens need and want direction, guidance, and support from their parents as they learn to navigate the tricky terrain of growing up in a faced paced, competitive and confusing world. 30 minutes will be dedicated to answering questions and diving into specific situations so you can feel confident in your parenting decisions.

Now more than ever, our tweens and teens need us to support their emotional health. We spend so much time focused on their physical health; eating well, getting enough rest, exercising, but very little time exploring ways to help our kids develop reasoning skills, resiliency, recovery and how to express their emotions in healthy ways. This is a necessary and crucial developmental phase and as parents, it’s important for us to understand what we can do to empower and support our tweens. Add to this, the pressure teens feel to be “perfect" from parents, teachers, coaches and social media and our kids are feeling overwhelmed and isolated, rather than supported and encouraged. We will talk about ways we can prepare our kids for a complex and often times confusing world so they are ready to launch with confidence and the skills necessary to manage every facet of life. 30 minutes will be dedicated to answering questions and tackling tough topics.

 It’s time to dive in and put your parenting plan together so you can parent with vision and confidence. We will spend this last class focused on the most common challenges parents face raising teens in the 21st century and that includes: technology, depression and anxiety, the hook-up culture, attitudes, drinking, smoking, porn, college, money, curfews, etc. This is an intense wrap up aimed at arming you with the skills necessary to maintain and strengthen the relationship with your child.


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